...Announcing the 2022 Nelson Pine Industries Chamber of Commerce Business Award 2022 Entrants!

Boost Your Learning (Start Up Business)

Boost Your Learning is a tuition service that offers one-on-one, bespoke lessons to students across Aotearoa. They work together with whānau and teachers to support students to succeed in education. They conduct a diagnostic assessment to identify the learner’s strengths and needs.

Dani Ferrier Coaching (Start Up Business)

With a background in travel and adventure tourism, Dani has always been drawn to things that challenge people to push their limits. Today, as a professional Leadership Expert, she applies her real-world knowledge to help ordinary business owners become extraordinary leaders. Along with coaching clients from all over the world, Dani runs workshops and is a keynote speaker at events as well as hosting her podcast, Inspired Leaders.

Faye Aromatherapy (Start Up Business)

Each Faye Aromatherapy product is handmade with love and packaged into high-quality engraved bamboo packaging. There is a key focus on sustainability - products are refillable, recyclable, and reusable to reduce waste.  They believe different aromas promote a sense of well-being and tranquillity depending upon the emotions you are currently experiencing.

Aroha Chocolate (Small Business)

Husband and wife team, Wobblie and Jo, create some of the finest hand crafted, artisan chocolates, using premium Belgian chocolate and combining it with some of the best ingredients sourced locally and from around the world, with no added artificial preservatives.

CNX (Medium Business)

CNX is a local IT provider of excellence across Te Tau Ihu and Aotearoa. CNX specialises in end-to-end IT managed services and support. They offer a unique support model that delivers a ‘no surprises’ approach with timely day-to-day support, procurement and licensing management.

Keetrax (Medium Business)

Keetrax partners with you to get more sales online. They aim to ensure your online revenue is consistent and constantly growing. They’ve partnered with 107+ ecommerce businesses on their journey from $200,000 to $20,000,000 with results-driven design, development, marketing and paid ads.

The Grape Escape Café (Medium Business)

The Grape Escape Cafe is nestled in a beautiful country garden in the Old Factory Corner complex on the corner of McShane Road and State Highway 6.  A perfect spot to relax and enjoy great food, superb coffee or a glass of local wine.

ruru tiny homes (Large Business)

ruru tiny homes specialise in tiny homes on wheels, built ethically and sustainably, in New Zealand. They design and create all their tiny homes on-site, using locally sourced materials in a responsible manner. Their goal is not to create a tiny home, but to create a home, on a tiny footprint.

Snap Group (Large Business)

New Zealand based Snap Group is a team of highly-skilled and dedicated, specialist software developers, electronic and mechanical engineers developing and manufacturing live cameras, AI hardware and Satellite communication systems from the ground up.

Nelson Provincial Museum (Community Impact)

The museum was originally founded in 1841 as the Literary and Scientific Institution of Nelson, and is New Zealand’s oldest museum. It offers a dynamic programme of major touring exhibitions each year alongside a series of public talks, and an educational programme. It is renowned for its UNESCO inscribed Tyree Studio Collection of photographs, which documents the people of the region from the 1860s to the 1940s.

Multicultural Nelson Tasman (Community Impact)

Multicultural Nelson Tasman is a non-government organisation which supports migrants, former refugees and people from minority ethnicities in the Nelson/Tasman region with their settlement process. Their motto is: Unity in Diversity - kotahitanga i roto i te kanorau

Kūmānu Environmental (Environmental Award)

Kūmānu Environmental (Kūmānu) is a division of Nelmac, delivering conservation management, ecology, biosecurity and track building services.

Tasman Environmental Trust (Environmental Award)

Tasman Environmental Trust (TET) is a collection of people deeply committed to restoring and conserving the Nelson Tasman natural environment. In 2022, they’re managing 22 conservation projects worth approximately $7 million across 175 restoration sites in Nelson Tasman.

Weka Peckers Recycling (Environmental Award)

A family-run reuse and resource recovery business in Tasman. In the past two years of running the business, Ricarda and Merv have placed the focus on offering sustainable recycling and reuse options by establishing an e-waste recycling drop-off as well as deconstruction services to reduce the amount of building waste going to landfill.

Kimer Med (Innovative Business)

Kimer Med is a post-seed biotech start-up, developing a broad-spectrum antiviral drug. Their vision is an end to the suffering caused by viral disease. As we’ve seen with Covid-19, viruses tend to mutate and eventually evade vaccines. New and deadly viruses continue to emerge, and biowarfare and bioterrorism remain a constant threat.

Snap Group (Innovative Business)

New Zealand based Snap Group is a team of highly-skilled and dedicated, specialist software developers, electronic and mechanical engineers developing and manufacturing live cameras, AI hardware and Satellite communication systems from the ground up.

TBI Health (Innovative Business)

TBI Health’s vision is to lead the way in the rehabilitation industry, helping people with injury and illness to reach their full potential and lead happier and healthier lives. They provide a range of health services to the Nelson/Tasman community from sports injury management through to comprehensive interdisciplinary team rehabilitation for serious injuries. Services can be delivered at one of our three clinics in the Nelson/Tasman region or in our clients’ homes or workplaces by one of our community-based team members.

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