Nelson Marlborough 2020 Young Enterprise Companies

YES companies are now in their first selling cycle, their next Challenge is all about SALES!!
Check out their products and get shopping.
Please support these budding entrepreneurs.

Nelson Tasman YES Companies

Company Name   Description     Link to Site
Attyr  Tyre Sandals
Bee-Cycle     Recycled Beeswax Food Storage
Blush     Flowers Worth Remembering
Boxed UP   Gift Boxes
Clean Me    Soap with a Toy
CRYSTL Organic Street Wear
Dr Herb Mixed Herbs Producer
Eco Faced   Makeup Wipes
Edibowls    Edible Food Bowls
Frostbite  Frozen Yoghurt
Get Comfy  Reheatable Rice Bags tbc
H&K Cupcakes Cupcakes for High Intolerance Eaters
Knotted   Fabric Headwear & Face Masks
Luma and Ro    Garment Rentals
NMA  Nelson Music Agency
Noble  Natural Cleaning Spray
Pimp my Ride    Car Safety Kit Video
Primary Pathway   Awareness of Jobs in Primary Industries  tbc
Reboot Upcycled Bottles to Premium Products

Style Selective   Upcycled Clothing
Supa Sauce    Quinoa Based Sauce
Sushi Starters   Organic Fire Starters   tbc
Thrifts Buy Sell Preloved Clothing
Tight Tapz  Tap Tightener
UpCycled Chainz   Upcycling Bike Chains to Jewellery

Marlborough YES Companies

Company Name Description Link to Site
Keep N Fresh  Fruit Spray to Prevent Browning
Lemade  Sugar Free Lemonade
Linking You  Youth Employment
Love U   Natural Chemical Free Makeup Remover
Mellow  Improving Sleep Quality
Natures Hands  Environmentally Friendly Serving Boards
Scrumdiddly Tum  Chocolates with Super Foods
SMEW   Online Shopping Validation
Whats Next?   Careers for School Leavers