Check out Young Enterprise Finalists for 2021

Congratulations to the 5 Young Enterprise businesses who will go on to compete to be the Nelson Marlborough Regional YES Champions.
Throughout the year long program students completed 5 Challenges, Validation, The Pitch, Promotion, Sales and then submitted their Annual Review.
They were helped along the way by mentors, advisors, and businesses who gave their time and product to help these budding young entrepreneurs learn about running their own business.

HYP’D – Marlborough Girls College -

Innovative, artistic and unique, HYP'D is entering the street fashion industry with a spin of colour. Every piece we design will be a 'walking piece of art'. At HYP'D we prioritize quality, with a special focus on the tiny details in order to fulfill your customer satisfaction. The paints that we use are waterproof, meaning you can wear them even through the toughest of storms. 


SunStitch – Nayland College -

Sunstitch aims to reduce fast fashion practices and textile waste in New Zealand’s landfills. We produces affordable, stylish bucket hats from recycled fabrics.

Our goal is to protect the skin of kiwi children, teenagers, and New Zealan citizens. Our nation has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Every year, 4,000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with melanoma. 80% of New Zealand’s skin cancer deaths are caused by melanoma and over 350 New Zealanders die of melanoma each year. We want to help in any way that we can to prevent more New Zealanders and their families from being affected by this harmful skin condition.


Three Bays Jellies – Waimea College -

Three Bays Jellies aims to use wasted fruit around the local region and turning it into jams and jellies. Wasted fruit is a fruit that can’t be sold in stores or doesn’t meet exports standard, due to bruising, size, weather damage and shape. Wasted fruit is being produced at a rapid rate and local horticulture businesses are struggling to find solutions to the large volume of wasted fruit produced. The kiwifruit jelly is a vibrant green with black seeds scattering throughout the jar which show the natural colour of kiwifruit, making it look like the kiwifruit has just been put into the jar.


Seedlings Collection – Nayland College -

Seedling's collection is a jewellery business that is focused on being eco-friendly. We sell handmade kauri gum pendants made of 100% New Zealand natural items or recycled goods.  Each necklace comes in our lovely eco friendly bags!! Hand sewn with recycled fabric. Our packaging comes with a cute seed bomb to plant and grow at home. 


Outta The Box – Nelson College for Girls -

Our mission is to encourage locals to support and shop local and also when purchasing our product, giving back to local school children in need.

Through our lunch boxes we showcase and partner with amazing local food and beverage businesses and then give back through our “buy one gift one” scheme, each box is filled with amazing local products inside.