Everyone’s a Winner

No one goes into business to win awards. We do it because of a brilliant idea we had at 3 o'clock one morning, to make something of ourselves, to ‘get ahead’.  Starting a business is about aspirations, challenges, financial rewards and a sense of purpose.  Then one day, you realise you’re running a business that you’re pretty darn proud of and that sharing your story with others is suddenly something you want to do.

The Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce has run their annual business awards for 31 years and after last year’s tribulations, many of you may find 2021’s version of ‘business as usual’ a tale worth telling. Categories include Start Up, Small, Medium and Large Business, Community Impact, Innovation and Environment awards.

But well before the official announcements, an early reward is the application process where organisations by default reflect on their business plan, or in many instances, create one. 

2016 Supreme Business Award winner (MyTax) and judge for the last three years, Lester Binns says entering the award provided him with a number of unofficial wins.

“We found it an incredibly valuable experience because it provided us an opportunity to reflect on the business for a change.  It gave us some good insight and helped us think about where we were heading and what our strengths and weaknesses were.  The awards night itself was an excellent way of showcasing your business and then when we won, our staff were on a high for a long time afterwards, feeling a real sense of pride in where they worked.  Now, as a judge, I always bump into people after the awards night who say, I had never heard of that business and I’m going to contact them and use their services.”

Since becoming a judge, Lester’s read a fair few applications and has some tips for businesses thinking of entering.

“Tell your story as concisely as possible and in your own voice, not how you think the judges want to hear it. When an entry expresses the passion that the people have for their business, it really comes across and makes for a more powerful entry. So be as authentic as possible and your story will come through.”

Find out what’s involved at an upcoming presentation or enter the Nelson Pine Industries Chamber of Commerce Business Awards now at: www.commerce.org.nz.



Monday 9 August,1.30 pm - 3 pm, Nelson

Monday 23 August, 10.00 am - 11.30 am, Motueka