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With the support of NBS, and collaboration of the Nelson Regional Development Agency (NRDA) we have established the Nelson Tasman Insights Panel that consists of business owners, senior management and employees from across all sectors.  The panel has been established to provide us all with economic information specific to our region.  There are several national economic insights and business confidence surveys which are helpful in providing macro information, however we are keen to understand the business challenges that are unique to Nelson Tasman. To this end, we are looking to recruit a minimum of 500 business people to provide regular (quarterly) insights for a longitudinal study on the region’s economy. This information will range from business confidence and plans for the future, to barriers and impediments on doing business. 

Why should you get involved?  Because large scale collation of data that is specific to our region and from a broad range of sectors will help us identify programmes of support and the issues that necessitate advocacy on your behalf to local councils and central government. The greater the number of participants the more powerful the message.  Being a contributor to our online survey may therefore be one of the most important things that you can do to help our business community thrive and grow.

Results are confidential and you may opt out at any time.

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