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  • Mahitahi Colab, NMIT Campus A Block, 322 Hardy Street, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand
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Presenter: Greg Jones, Transform You

This event is for you if you or your team have any form of resistance (fear or anxiety) with the thought of speaking in front of people. This can be on stage, in front of your team or doing a speech at a function.

Greg will explain how people create resistance (always individually different) and how you can remove the resistance by doing a superconscious recode which is a new modality, based around 20-30 years of neuro science and is taking the world by storm.

Greg will talk about;

  • How the brain works
  • Why success is structure and not personal
  • How the law of attraction works
  • The fastest way to rewire the brain 
  • Grow skills in public speaking.

About Transform You.

We are an Advanced Conscious Education Company designed to help small to large business's increase their profit, improve work culture and become the authority in their area of expertise.

We do this by producing high quality programs to suit each Business's individuals needs and requirements. These programs are delivered in person or online, either one-on-one or in a group environment.


"Last night I attended ‘Greg Jones Transform your Life Event’ in my home town of Nelson, NZ. There is no doubt Greg is passionate and committed to helping people realise their inner potential. He spoke in a relatable way to an intimate audience and even invited attendees who wished to have breakthroughs in negative thought patterns to the stage to benefit from a relatively simple process he uses in his work. It was clear to see participants in this exercise were impressed with the instant results they received. It was apparent that those who came to the Event left feeling encouraged to, as Greg refers to it, Step into their Superconscious Power". Aimee, Nelson

"I loved it, it very much aligns with my belief system of creative reality. It’s always challenging looking at your goals without the blockages being highlighted in neon. What I loved about your presentation was not only focusing on the desired reality but taking action daily to get there… I liked that. Since leaving the event I have enrolled in two courses to learn how to design patterns and an intermediate sewing course, and have been watching YouTube tutorials each night to start putting my creations into practice. This is a direct result of coming to your event". Kelli, Nelson


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