Becoming Unstoppable: A new approach to Leadership

  • Mahitahi Colab, NMIT Campus A Block, 322 Hardy Street, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand
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Presenter: Stew Darling, Unstoppable Force

This Unstoppable Force workshop delivers the building blocks for attendees to create a ‘Captaincy’ within their business.  The post -COVID world requires so much more than ‘traditional’ leadership.  It requires us to truly captain our team.  What does that take?  Just three steps.

Ever felt stuck in mediocrity?  Ever wondered how it feels to be an Unstoppable Force?  With over 20 years as a Covert Operator in the British Army and another decade in business, Stew Darling has 'bottled' what it takes.   This workshop introduces you to the three critical steps it takes to become the captain that these unprecedented times need.

This workshop is not a Hackfest that promises the earth and delivers soundbites.  At Unstoppable Force we live by the three Critical Steps that keep Cover Operators alive in the field.  If you are happy with mediocrity, this is not for you.  If you are looking to re-capture the passion of your business and seeking to raise the standard of your team; we welcome you open-armed.  You can expect a level of accountability that might cause discomfort, lean in.

Attendees will learn how to; 

  • Increase productivity and accountability through the identification, harnessing and exploiting Unreasonable opportunities.
  • Improve standards to move you and your team away from mediocrity.
  • Create a more collaborative healthy team with less sick days
  • Build a disciplined team.

So you can; 

  • Become the Captain your team has been looking for.
  • Build and maintain a highly focused team.
  • Create discipline through accountability which increases productivity.
  • Unlock the positive Unreasonableness of every member of your team (and family).

About Stew Darling, CEO and Founder of Unstoppable Force

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, but in the case of Stew Darling, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Stew is a former Lieutenant Colonel in Military Intelligence. After a 23-year career in the British Army running security, intelligence, and counter-intelligence operations globally, he founded Unstoppable Force.

While in the military, he was responsible for thousands of lives in a high-stress environment, so it’s fair – and accurate – to say the foundations of his work have been battle tested.

Working in the British Army in various complex, high-threat operations such as The Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan, Stew worked with all three UK national intelligence agencies. During a three-year secondment to the Canadian Defence Force, he received the Chief of Defence Staff Commendation. While his final role as Commanding Officer of the Defence School of Intelligence saw him responsible for the education and training of over 10,000 next-generation Military Intelligence Specialists.

Originally from Scotland, Stew emigrated to New Zealand after leaving the Army and dived headlong into his own Software start-up. Never idle, he has also turned his hand to podcasting and has authored a book. Lead through Life is a powerful and life-altering read. 

From espionage to software – and everything in between – Stew has a firm grasp on what drives human performance. 

Using the skills he acquired throughout his highly successful career, Stew is now living out his life’s purpose supporting individuals and businesses to give fear and uncertainty their marching orders and reach beyond their limits!

Happily married and a proud father of two grown children, when he’s not busy helping people unleash their Unstoppable Force, he can be found tramping the wilds of New Zealand or white-water kayaking, unleashing his own.


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