Wednesday 17 February 202114:00 - 16:00Add to calendar

Crombie Lockwood, Boardroom, 9 Mcglashen Avenue, Richmond, 7020View map

Presenter: Liam Taylor, 8 Steps. 


A best-in-class business does not necessarily rely on attracting the best talent. They will however have robust standards and processes engrained throughout their business structure. Average talent applying excellent processes will always trump excellent talent dealing with unstable processes.

This session will cover essential guidelines and tips taken from some of the world’s best business models on how to develop robust processes and train/upskill people in an effective manner.

Attendees will learn; 

  • The importance of standardisation and how this links to business excellence
  • How to capture and document processes
  • How to implement an effective training structure
  • Why standardisation and effective training boosts productivity

So you can; 

  • Gap-analyse their current business structure and standards/processes within
  • Document processes to a high standard
  • Put together an effective training structure to ensure training is carried out to a best practice standard
  • Identify any future requirements for support (not necessarily with 8 Steps)
  • Boost productivity and reduce process failures within their operations.

Venue kindly sponsored by Crombie Lockwood Richmond.









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