From “Oh no!” to “Let’s Go!”

  • Mahitahi Colab, NMIT Te Pukenga Campus A Block, 322 Hardy Street, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand
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Presenter: Marie Tovio,  Marie Tovio Consulting


Sometimes when an incident happens, a concern comes to your attention, or a staff member raises a complaint, you can feel overwhelmed, or even paralysed with fear.  There are so many compliance requirements for employers, and of course we want to ensure processes are done right.  We also don’t want to damage employment relationships or our workplace culture during a process.  It can be hard to know where to start or what process to follow.  So, whether it’s a potential disciplinary matter, an employee using a lot of unplanned absence due to a medical condition, a bullying complaint, or another issue that needs addressing – come and find out where to start and what to do, so that you can get from “Oh no!” to “Let’s Go!”. 

 Attendees will learn; 

  • Process steps for common employment-related issues
  • Legal considerations
  • Potential pitfalls and how to avoid them

So they can; 

  • Confidently take steps to address issues early
  • De-escalate issues
  • Meet legal obligations and minimise risks


Bio -Marie Tovio

CEO / Managing consultant, Human Resources and Employment Relations

Areas of Specialisation:

  • Board Evaluation and Performance
  • Organisation Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Employment Relations and Employment Legislation
  • Reviews and Restructuring
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Investigations and Dispute Resolution
  • Team Development
  • Remuneration and Benefits
  • Search and Selection

Marie has 30 years’ experience working in the field of human resources and employment relations.  She has held HR roles in the electricity industry, central government, the insurance industry and in a large Aquaculture business.  Marie is degree-qualified and is a registered investigator.  As well as working through the various HR roles, from Advisor to General Manager, during her career, Marie has also been an HR/ER consultant for the past 10 years to a wide range of businesses and organisations across New Zealand.  Marie has governance experience, including at a national level.  She has managed staff, held senior manager roles, and she is a business owner.  Marie builds strong relationships with her clients, who trust her wealth of HR/ER knowledge and experience, value her efficient approach, and appreciate that she also considers the business and strategic context.











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