David Cairns: Coach

My purpose is to guide people to consider alternative courses of thinking, review the options for action, consider the effects of those actions on others, and make the best decisions they can. Coaching is for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy and who want to make changes and move forward in their lives. SPECIAL DEAL FOR CHAMBER MEMBERS..

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A 2020 VISION offer to Nelson Chamber of Commerce Members

Gain the best start to 2020 with a strong 20/20 Vision.  Take a structured and guided process to increasing your Profitability and Productivity. I am offering a 10-20 % member discount on the following business programs.

Programs available:

Business Accelerator Program - Simple, practical, low cost or no cost solutions to increase your Profit and Productivity. I will show you how to increase your profit by 50% or more. Either one on one or Group sessions available.

Total Focus Workshop - Learn how to think differently and above the crowd. This workshop provides an introduction to Personal Development for staff and focuses actions on agreed deliverables throughout a 90-day plan.

Results/Platinum Program - A 12-month program designed to implement & imbed change and to increase profit within a Business. I can work with the Leadership Team or the entire workforce. This program is suitable for businesses with 5 or more employees

Executive Coaching Program - If your business is expanding, your personal development will also be expanding. This Personal Leadership Program will equip you to lead your team into expansion and beyond.

Group Programs will commence in April 2020.   Please contact David directly for more information.

  1. 20% discount for Groups (Group is more than one business participating in the same program)
  2. 10% discount for individual programs
  3. Discount applies to confirmed booking only (booking confirmed by receipt of deposit)
  4. Booking to be confirmed between 1 January and 31 March
  5. Nelson Chamber of Commerce membership card to be sighted