Nimbus Software

Nimbus Software is an established ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software business, operating in Nelson for over 30 years. They employ talented New Zealanders so that they can quickly and with quality; design, build, deliver and support their software solution.

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Nimbus' core system allows you to see all functions on a minute by minute basis, across all departments – delivering timely, accurate and meaningful data to enable better decision making, less mistakes, control of costs and therefore an increase in profit. Our system has an immediate impact of our client’s business and we continue to develop products adding value each time.

Nimbus is one of the most customisable ERP software packages available in New Zealand, one of the few to offer premium support capacity. Our client’s need us because they can get the right information to the right people at the right time in the right location (dept or in the field). They want to grow - they need one system; one source of the truth. Our staff are proactive and caring; non-judgmental and action orientated. We can be flexible and therefore adjust quickly to the changing needs of our business, our industry and our clients. We want to engage in a positive way, have high standards, and we adhere to a cycle of continual improvement.