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After a former family owned and operated tourism Eco Lodge business was closed due to COVID19 implications within a week in 2020, it opened an amazing opportunity to create a completely new company from scratch, with the right values, set up and goals implemented from the very beginning.

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Ruru homes is a very fast growing company creating small homes, relocatable buildings, cabins, baches, on a high level for an affordable price. Different designs cater for a variety of clients and their personal circumstances. With replication of the designs, high end workmanship, top quality products and locally sourced materials, ruru homes aims to become a market leader for tiny homes in New Zealand whilst demonstrating that above living wage employment, affordable housing and business success can all be done at the same time.   

As a sustainable and ethical business, ruru homes value every member of the team individually, creating a trustworthy, high quality and useful product, built by a valued and supported team.                                           

Ruru homes proudly sources all building materials locally, New Zealand made (certified). The owners Daniel and Fran specifically target to work with local, small companies for all trade supplies and purchases, supporting small businesses, sourcing locally and supporting the community.