Emerging Marketing Trends

Johny O'Donnell from ShiftOn presented the Chamber's Business Building Block workshop on Digital Marketing. Here's some of his key messages:


  • Marketing is moving from interruption to attraction. It’s no longer good enough to tell people about your features & benefits. Engage subtle story telling.
  • If you’re hiding behind your brand, people’s “bullshit radars” will go off. People are searching for authenticity
  • "Business to Customer" and "Business to Business" connections are all out the window. Everything now is "Business to Human"
  • The end of stock photos is nigh
  • You are 9x more likely to covert a website enquiry into a sale if you respond within five minutes. This is why Live Chat is becoming an increasingly common feature.
  • Automation provides the ability to be more responsive and filter through an increasing number of enquiries
  • Chatbots is the emerging trend that live-streaming was 18 months ago.

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