YES Businesses Nelson, Tasman Marlborough 2023

Who is She? - - Bracelets raising awareness of powerful NZ women.

Refloat - - Stylish make up bags made from used pool toys.

Kawaii Loops - - Crochet kits.

Fruitbay Sorbet - - Sorbet made from waste apples.

Off Your Face - - Face mask packs.

G.T.M - - Repurposed clothing made into make up bags. 

Reflect - - Stickers to raise self love and confidence.

Pure Hold - - Natural alternative hair product for curly hair.

PTT Honey - - Health Drink, made from Manuka Honey & Hauora. 

Bubble - - Market event management company.

Grandpa Jack’s All American Spices - - BBQ meat spice rub.

Savvy Spenders - - Card game to help financial literacy.

Inprotein -  - Bliss balls with cricket protein powder.

Compass - - Gender neutral clothing.

Neptune - - Natural hair spray product for curly hair.

Thrift & Sport - - Sports clothing.

Only Popcorn – - Savoury flavoured popcorn.

Equality Education - - Events and workshops to encourage diversity and equality.

Bluem - - Handmade flowers.

Zero Thoughts – - Skateboarder Clothing.

Hangr. - - Macrame Plant Hangers.

Charmify - - Handmade jewellery.    

Entrepreneurs in Action (EIA) 2023

Three Nelson & Marlborough YES students attended 'Entrepreneurs in Action'  and spent their weekend tackling real world business problems in Wellington recently. See their feedback below.

“EIA was an experience that I will never forget! We were put in an environment where none of us knew each other, it was fast paced & we had no time to waste being shy. Over the weekend we got given two business challenges, my team managed to win both, making our team only the third team to do so in EIA history. I would highly recommend this experience, the thrill you get off from it is unmatched!” Bess Cuddon-Corlet, Marlborough Girls College

“The EIA weekend was eye opening. Being part of something so advanced and unusual for teenagers, was special. It showed me how capable people are, through teamwork and hard work. From ideation, writing a business plan, preparing slides, then pitching to 70+ people... all in a single day, (makes school feel unproductive). Overall, the two biggest things I took from the event was the reassurance that I do want to continue with business and entrepreneurship, and the value of a good team of people”. Esther Gould, Waimea College

“EAI was an incredible platform to grow, learn and lead in a dynamic high-performance environment! Although challenged by the extent of the task, our team hosted by the Ministry for Primary Industries excelled, producing business plans and pitching concepts for two separate businesses over 72 hours. It was a challenging, yet rewarding experience where growth and innovation was not only encouraged, we were judged on it!” Matt Donald, Nelson College

Young Enterprise Scheme - Nelson, Tasman Marlborough

The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) grew out of an initiative started by the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce back in the late 1970s and aims to inspire young people to discover their potential in business and in life. 

YES is an opportunity for students to unleash their inner entrepreneur and experience the start-up world first-hand. It is an experiential programme where students set up and run a real business. Each YES company creates their own product or service and brings this to market. 

Throughout the year long program students complete 4 Challenges, Validation, The Mid Year Pitch, Promotion & Sales and then submit their Annual Review. There are events and other learning opportunities as part of the program.

Our first event for the year is Kickstart I Timata a speed coaching session involving students, motivational speakers and local business people who act as speed coaches.

Students compete regionally and nationally. See video from the 2021 regional final night Click Here

See Nelson Marlborough YES Highlights magazines here 2022 Highlights  2021 Highlights

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There are several ways you could help out throughout the year.  We need advisors, judges, sponsors and business mentors.


To meet with a YES student company fortnightly over 3 terms, (for around two hours or whatever is agreed on)
Advise, support and guide the students.

Many YES students will have little or no previous business knowledge before participating in the programme. Through your own knowledge and personal experience, you will guide the students through the business process and ensure they remain motivated and on task. While this can be a seven-month commitment, meeting times will vary depending on schedules and the time of year. Previous mentors and students say that meeting once a fortnight worked well for them, although this may be weekly at the start of the programme. Your involvement with the students brings this programme to life and transforms it from a class-based project into a real-world experience. The biggest asset is your experience so don’t be afraid to use this to challenge the students’ thinking.

Requirements of a YES company mentor 

• Engage and challenge the students to help them make sound decisions

• Express business strategies and processes in a way that students can understand

• Act as a sounding board for the YES company

• Provide practical advice on product development, marketing etc, or help to find expertise

• Be available for the students to contact with questions

• Be able to work at the students’ pace

The success of the YES program is reliant on the involvement of the local business community.

If you would like to become a mentor contact 

2022 Regional Winners - Olivae - Waimea College


2022 Finalists

Rizer - Nayland College, Tony Kim, Amos Lian, Andrew Maddock, Reuben Scragg
Olivae - Waimea College, Lani Adamson, Esther Gould, Alysha Mutch, Olivia Parsons, Lily-Rose Phorn, Lily-Anne Watts, Jessica York
Kai Clips - Nelson College for Girls, Isabella Wentzell, Eden Carter
Only Popcorn – Nayland College, Analise Neame, Lucy Bell, Seth Buckley, Tayte Hunwick, Sven Teece
Speak it Up – Nelson College, Jack Franklin, Austin Candlish, Ollie Martin

Regional Winners 2021 - Three Bays Jellies - Waimea College

Teacher Andrea Phillips, Sophie Calder CFO, Nicole Byrman, Marketing Comms & Sales, Jared Peterson Production & Sales, Sam McDonald CEO and Robyn Patterson Mentor.

Throughout this YES journey we have developed our knowledge on the horticulture and business industry. Through the process of creating our product and YES program we have gained a better understanding on how to start a business, and the processes we have to go through doing this. The production side was a struggle for our team, jumping through constant hoops regarding health and safety to get the best product out to consumers. Despite this we have had constant support through our Mentor Robyn Patterson from GoHort NZ, Lou Smith from Pics Peanut Butter, teachers and other people within this industry. We would like to thank these people for all the support they have given us.

Regional awards went to;

Love What You Do, Environmental Award - Sun Stitch from Nayland College

Make it Real, Best Annual Review Award - Seedlings Collection from Nayland College

Connect and Collaborate Award - Outta the Box from Nelson College for Girls

Aim for Awesome, Creativity Award - HYP'D from Marlborough Girls College

Try New Stuff, Innovation Award - Three Bays Jellies from Waimea College

See video from the Regional Final night Click Here

YES 2020 Pitch Session in June 2020

In October 2020 the top four scoring teams competed at the regional final pitch in front of a panel of judges, the finalists were;

Attyr – Nayland College  - sandals made from recycled tyres
Knotted – Nelson College for Girls – recycled fabric headwear and masks
Pathways to Primary – Waimea College – a card game to raise awareness of jobs in primary industries
Natures Hands – Marlborough Girls College – serving boards made from recycled wood

Regional Winners 2020!!  Pathways to Primary from Waimea College

The success of the YES program is reliant on the involvement of the local business community.
If you would like to know more about how you could support this valuable scheme contact us. or 021 682 237