Marketing Foundations Course

Presenter: Christopher Wilson, HiHo.

Course Description

To equip small to medium sized business owners with essential marketing knowledge and skills necessary for setting a strong foundation for future success.  The course aims to guide participants in understanding their brand, identifying their target audience, developing a brand voice, and crafting a compelling brand story.

Target Audience

Small to medium sized business owners seeking to establish a robust foundation for their businesses before venturing into advertising, whether through DIY efforts or outsourcing.


Workshop style session with presentations and practical exercises.

Topics Covered

  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis for the brand.
  • Identification of the ideal customer (s)
  • Development of the brand voice
  • Crafting the brand story.


Each topic will be presented with relevant examples by a marketing strategist, followed by a hands-on workshop where attendees will work on their own marketing foundations. Attendees will be provided individualised assistance during this phase.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain the ability to;

  • Identify gaps in their current marketing strategies and business plans.
  • Tailor their communications to resonate with their ideal customers.
  • Create consistent and captivating messaging for all marketing channels.


Attendees will receive a comprehensive workbook to continue developing their marketing foundations independently.  While there will be no one-on-one follow-up included in the course, the workbook will service as a valuable resource for ongoing efforts.


This course will empower small to medium sized businesses to expedite their marketing initiatives. By establishing a solid foundation, businesses can ensure they allocate their time and resources effectively, especially when lacking the capital for a comprehensive one-on-one marketing strategy with a professional strategist.

The course will contribute significantly to the long-term success of participation businesses by laying the groundwork for informed and strategic marketing decisions.

Cost Support

The Marketing Foundations Course is registered with the Regional Business Partnership Network (RBPN) and participants may therefore qualify for support for this programme. For more information, please contact Sandra Crone prior to Thursday 16th May.

Eligibility criteria:

To attend/be eligible for co-funding the customer must meet the following eligibility criteria:

● Has less than 50 full time employees

● Have an NZBN

● Must be the business owner or person in a key management role, i.e senior managers, in the business.

● Must register on the RBP Platform and have a discovery meeting with the region’s Growth Advisor

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