Primetime Senior Enterprise Programme has launched!

The Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the launch of a Senior Entrepreneurship Programme, called Primetime, aimed at empowering and supporting entrepreneurs aged 50 and above who are looking to start or scale their business ventures.

The Chamber has been selected by the Office for Seniors together with four organisations to run a 12-month pilot set to start in June 2023. This unique programme will provide older entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to turn their business ideas into reality, including:

- One-on-one mentorship from experienced business leaders
- Access to a network of successful entrepreneurs and industry experts
- Educational resources and training sessions on topics such as marketing, finance, and business planning
- Connection to local business organisations through the NTCC

“We recognise the incredible value and experience that senior entrepreneurs bring to the table, and we believe that age should not be a barrier to entrepreneurship. That's why we've opted to become involved in this programme to provide the support and resources that entrepreneurs in their prime need to succeed.”

Expressions of interest for the Primetime programme are now open, and interested entrepreneurs can apply online.


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