This is your Chance card...

The Nelson Tasman special edition of Monopoly takes you on a breathtaking journey through our region’s diverse scenery. Starting at the picturesque golden sandy beaches in Tasman District, through the pristine coastal tracks, rolling green hills, crystal-clear waterways and lakes into the iconic, Nelson City and beyond — there is something for everyone.

We're seeking local organisations who would like to be involved. You have the opportunity to sponsor one of the spaces on the board, a Community Chest or Chance card, or even immortalise your business in silver (well, pewter) and become one of the iconic eight player pieces. 

We're producing 5000 boardgames to go on sale mid 2024. With 4-8 players sitting around the board per game for the next few decades, that's a lot of brand awareness!

e.g 5000 x 6 players = 30,000 people after just one game.

Seize this opportunity to be part of a project that goes beyond traditional marketing, creating a lasting impact on the community and promoting your brand in a fun and innovative way to a large target audience.

Go here for more information.

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