Port Nelson Export Hub - North Asia Partnership Workshop

Three of our top 5 trading partners are located in North Asia. China, Japan and South Korea jointly have about the same GDP as the United States.

Nurturing meaningful relationships is a key factor to succeeding in Asian markets including China, Japan, and South Korea. But building a business based on trust-based relationships can be a time-consuming, confusing, and ultimately risky enterprise.

In this workshop, we explore strategic approaches to partnership development in North Asian markets. We will use case studies, management tools, and insights from market experts to match the strength of your business to North Asian markets, in order to develop trust and commercial success.

Why should you register?

Everyone who wants to gain insights into how to identify suitable business partners, and maintain the relationship over time to maximize their learning about opportunities in the market through business partners.
Come to discuss consumer research, case studies and insights from market experts to look at ways you can strengthen your understanding and approach to these exciting markets.
Gain valuable insights into how other businesses have achieved growth in this dynamic market.

Local exporters have said the below about these workshops:

  • "Thanks so much for bringing learning like this to Nelson, very helpful as we strive to build innovative businesses out of the regions."
  • "The discussions and content provided during the workshop have enriched and validated my thoughts and knowledge. They also either confirmed or refuted the information I had previously gathered."

Presenter Introductions:

Dr Antje Fiedler is Senior Lecturer in the Graduate School of Management (GSM) at The University of Auckland. Her research interests include growth and internationalisation of firms, with a focus on emerging Asia, and employment relations. Antje is a member of the New Zealand Asia Institute and the Director of the China Studies Centre of The University of Auckland. She is a member of the Academic Advisory Team of the Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence. Her work has been published in international journals, such as New Political Economy, Human Relations and the International Small Business Journal.

Dr Benjamin Fath is with the Graduate School of Management (GSM) at The University of Auckland where he teaches on the MBA program. He has researched innovation, internationalisation and growth of NZ businesses for over a decade. His work has been published in journals including Australian Journal of Management, Human Relations, and the International Small Business Journal. Based on his research, he has designed and facilitated many practitioner workshops on business growth in Asia

These workshops are brought to you with the partnership of North Asia CAPE and Port Nelson.  Morning tea and a light lunch is included.


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