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Ekos focuses on Carbon Management and Carbon Forestry.

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Ekos focuses on Carbon Management and Carbon Forestry.

For Carbon Management services
We help organisations of all sizes from all over Aotearoa to measure, manage and reduce their carbon emissions. 
We strive to make our carbon calculators affordable for everyone. 
We provide a carbon certification programme for those organisations who wish to demonstrate their commitment to key stakeholders.


For Carbon Forestry services
We work to grow and protect indigenous forests, and to create an income from those forests by selling the resulting captured carbon to the voluntary carbon market. We deliver this sustainable development income to rural communities in Aotearoa and the Pacific Islands.

We welcome enquiries about any of our services at mailto: ekos@ekos.co.nz

You can learn more about our forestry projects at https://ekos.co.nz/projects.

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