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Emerging Marketing Trends

Johny O'Donnell from ShiftOn presented the Chamber's Business Building Block workshop on Digital Marketing in 2017. Here's some of his key messages; still relevant today:

Can a trust protect your assets?

If your assets are in a trust they might not be as safe from creditors or relationship break-ups as you might think. Pitt & Moore Associate Andrea Halloran explains;

Employers: Dealing with Medical Incapacity

There are a number of challenges for employers when dealing with employees. Managing those who are medically unfit, and not attending work is one of those challenges.

Protect your business with your Terms of Trade

As a consumer, when was the last time you read the Terms of Trade on the back of an order form or when you bought online? And turning that around, as a business owner, how familiar are you with your own Terms of Trade for the goods or services you sell? When was the last time you updated them?